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At Caobas Foundation we are on a mission to create a platform of educational resources and opportunities for “at-risk” youth in the Washington Metropolitan area and the Dominican Republic while enhancing the population of humanitarians in our community. Through the mobilization of humanitarian individuals, businesses, and organizations, and empowering our community to practice social responsibility, we aim to diminish the adverse effects endured by “at-risk” youth and pave legacies of prosperity and solidarity into the next generation.


Es la misión de Caobas Foundation crear una plataforma educacional para ofrecer recursos y oportunidades a jóvenes de origen Hispano que se encuentran en desventaja en el área metropolitana de Washington D.C., y en la República Dominicana, mientras realzamos la población de humanitarios en nuestra comunidad. Por medio de la movilización de líderes, negocios, y organizaciones humanitarias nos proponemos empoderar nuestra comunidad a practicar responsabilidad social, y además minimizar los efectos adversos de la limitación de acceso a recursos y oportunidades a los que estos jóvenes han sido expuestos. Así mismo, entendemos que forjamos un legado de prosperidad y solidaridad hacia las generaciones futuras.

What We Do U.S.A. & Internationally

Educational Programs & Opportunities

Humanitarian Outreach & Cultural Exchange Experience


RAMAS (Humanitarian Leadership & Development)

Charitable Community Events & Galas

“Empowering Humanitarian Educators, Scholars & Comnmunty Leaders”

Founders & Senior Leadership team

Emma Nunez

Founder & President

Ana Luisa Mendoza


Arysmendis Burgos


Gladys Lopez

Chair – Board of Advisors

Lorilet Monegro


Founders’ Story

Emma Nunez, Founder & President

On February 11, 2014, the humanitarian and Dominican-American, Emma Nunez reached out to 20 other Dominican American women throughout the U.S .with the hope of initiating the humanitarian mission of Caobas Foundation. On May 12, 2014, eight of the women (Emma Nunez, Ana Luisa Mendoza, Sonia Raymund, Yenni Felix, Carmen Medina, Maria Rodriguez, Luisa Nunez, and Gladys Swann, committed to sharing their resources and talents and founded Caobas Foundation in Maryland. The founders further concluded that their dual citizenship (Dominican- American) was best served by practicing social responsibility in both their native land and US homeland. Their purpose was manifested by adopting a humanitarian mission that highlighted what the founders felt had impacted their lives the most – educational opportunity. “We were all children of immigrant ancestors who sacrificed their families and their own lives to access the American dream and pave a better educational future for us. Clearly, one of the best ways to honor their courage is to mirror their spirit of vitality and sow the same seed of knowledge in the hearts and minds of our most vulnerable youth – for I believe that education has, and will always be, one of the most empowering legacies worth sowing into the next generation,” claims the founder.


Maria Rodriguez

Luisa Reyes

Ana Luisa Mendoza

Sonia Raymund

Yenni Felix